Five signs your partner isn’t going to be a good spouse.

Is Your Partner Spouse Material? Watch Out for These Red Flags in Your Relationship Journey


Meticulous calculations of dating costs- especially if you’re going fifty-fifty with your partner.

There is a saying that the best relationships are those split sixty-forty, with both individuals striving to comprise the sixty. The truth of the matter is that relationships are complex, and will have their ups and downs. It is impossible to truly keep all things fifty-fifty, and if that is a very strict priority for your partner, it will undoubtedly lead to complex issues and many arguments down the road.

They prefer to spend time together in ways that you do not fully enjoy.

We’ve all been there. It can be as simple as going to a museum of art instead of science, because your partner doesn’t enjoy going to a science museum. If your partner is one to consistently try to convince you to not do the things that you would rather do, or change their mood into a sour one every time you attempt to go places or do things that you enjoy with them, then that relationship will not unfold well. The ideal solution is finding someone with similar interests and priorities as you. They say that opposites attract- but do they stay together?

Lack of Empathy.

If your partner lacks the ability to empathize with you and be able to read your expressions with accuracy, then this relationship likely will not work, unless they are willing to put in the effort to listen to and understand your emotions. Imagine this: you come home late from work, had a bad day, and your partner bombards you with questions and troubles. Of course naturally, your first reaction might not be to snap at your partner, but due to your fatigue and poor experience at work earlier, you might do so. Your partner needs to be able to understand this and not become angry at you, since this will only escalate your irritation.

Unwilling to communicate with you in ways that you value

We all prefer different styles of communication. Some may place heavy emphasis on phone calls, some on texting, and others on in-person communication. Whichever you decide that you want from your partner in your life, your partner should be able to provide that for you. If their preferred method of communication is vastly different from yours, then that may not work in the long term. You may start to feel lonely or as though you are a low priority for your partner.

Lack of support.

This can be as small as making sure you don’t miss your morning alarm, to providing financial support for you when you need it. Someone unwilling to provide any form of support that you may need likely will not be able to be good spouses in the long run. They may refuse to support you in a public setting, or when you’re at your most vulnerable, such as during a possible pregnancy down the line in marriage. Remember- what your partner does while dating you sets the tone and your expectations for them in the future.